3D laser engraving inside glass

Szkło-Lux Wrocław has the biggest in Poland table for 3D engraving inside glass. Working surface of the table allows making of an engraving in the sizes of 1500x2500mm and depth 80mm in glass element in the size up to 1700x4000mm and height 120mm.

What is 3D laser?

The engraving process consists in focusing the laser beam in a point and burning a point in the size from 40 to 400 microns inside a glass element. The engraving generated in this way may have several thousand or several million of such points. Thanks to high precision of leading the laser optics and table mechanics, we are able to make a pattern in resolution 300 dpi, thus obtaining engraving of the highest quality. Our innovative engraving technology allows us to make not only a black & white pattern but also a pattern with the effect of the shade of grey.

Advantages of 3D engraving inside glass

  • engraving inside glass opens entirely new creative possibilities in decorating large-format glass,
  • contrary to surface engraving or sanding, we are able to obtain a pattern with the effect of the shade of grey,
  • we obtain a spatial drawing which has its depth,
  • high resolution allows engraving of small details and very thin lines,
  • engraving made in this way is resistant to unfavourable weather conditions such as: rain, snow and frost. In the case of surface engraving or sanding, falling rain, snow and condensing vapour cause blurring of the pattern. On the other hand, frost causes freezing of water particles nested in the surface engraving, thus leading often to splitting of glass,
  • the technology of laser engraving inside glass ensures that glass elements decorated using this technique are very easy to keep clean because the glass surface remains intact, thanks to which dirt does not stick to its surface,
  • laser engraving inside glass ensures uniform display of the pattern on both sides of glass (no left and right side).

Areas of application

3D laser engraving can be used for decoration of glass applied in broadly understood exterior and interior advertisement, in various types of glazing, glass partition walls, balustrades or furniture. Glass elements decorated using this technique are excellent for information boards and signs, commemorative plaques, award cups and souvenirs. 3D laser allows also engraving of photos inside glass.