Antique mirrors

Antique mirrors, known also as aged, are mirrors as if time-worn, referring to old handicraft techniques. In our rich portfolio you will find 7 patterns of antique mirrors in silver colour and 3 patterns of antique mirrors in golden colour. We offer aged mirrors 4 mm thick and with maximum mirror size of 1830 x 2440 mm. The possibility of such processing as cutting, polishing or edge bevelling ensures unlimited options of creative arrangement for each interior.

Antique mirrors are unique elements, they delight and enlarge spaces in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, dressing room and representative hall. They can be an ideal element for arrangement of interiors in a hotel, restaurant, shopping malls. They can appear also in the form of a usable object e.g. furniture.

Aged mirrors are a form of flat glass decoration made using silver compounds, which allows obtaining of a wide palette of colours and shades composed in spatial and illusionary structures.

Each of the proposed patterns of mirrors is unique and elegant. Panels made of antique mirrors in combination with wood, metal, stone or ceramics can ensure a modern approach to design, thus giving a unique character to designed items and architectural objects.

By building the space using small elements – repeating layouts from mirrors, we create a specific geometry of patterns. While applying a chosen form of decoration, we assign a particular style to them. We can build the space also using elements of a large-format mirror, size 1830 x 2440 mm.

With the rich offer of antique mirrors from our company, we guarantee high quality of processing. We are able to fulfil high requirements of each client looking for something stylish and unique.

Patterns of antique mirrors