For years mirrors have been a valued element of interior decoration. They emphasize appearance of the given room and give a unique atmosphere to it. In our homes, mirrors are used not only in the bathroom, but also in the hall, living room, bedroom or dressing room. For many years they have been used in large objects, such as restaurants, conference rooms, sport halls, beauty salons, car dealers, furniture stores and shopping malls. Everywhere where you can use mirrors, the space becomes optically bigger and more stylish.

Szkło-Lux Wrocław offers a rich selection of mirrors, thickness 3, 4, 5 mm. We have mirrors available for sale in the following colours:
– silver,
– graphite,
– brown,
– blue,
– golden,
– copper
– rainbow (5 colours in 1).

In our company, you will find the biggest in Poland selection of the most beautiful antique mirrors in golden and silver colour, in various interesting patterns. We are a producer of mirrors with engraving placed inside the mirror, made using the technology of 3D laser engraving inside glass.

We have developed and modern machinery. We cut, polish and bevel mirrors (bevel from 1cm to 3 cm). Our products ensure high quality of manufacture and environmentally friendly technology. 

Due to considerable level of production, we do not perform measurements or installation on the clients’ premises.

Colourful smooth mirrors