General terms and conditions of sale in Szkło-Lux Wrocław

  1. All orders and cost-estimates are accepted only via email.
  2. When placing an order, please identify the type and thickness of glass, accurate dimensions, and send technical drawings.
  3. Any kind of cost-estimates given over the phone are rough estimates and they are not binding in any way.
  4. Szkło-Lux Wrocław is not an installation company. We do not perform measurements or installation, and we do not deliver glass.
  5. We do not accept responsibility for goods previously purchased from our company, if the product has been installed on the client’s premises by another company or person.
  6. The Buyer is obliged to immediately check the quantity and quality of the received goods and to inform the Seller without delay about any possible reservations concerning quantity or quality.
  7. Any complaints will be considered only in writing, not later than 7 days from finding defects of the product.
  8. For validity of the complaint, it is required to indicate an invoice and to clearly identify the goods.
  9. The Seller should consider the claim and provide a reply within the period of 14 days from receipt of it, providing that the Buyer will allow inspection of the goods for which the complaint is placed. If the complaint is connected with the necessity of participation of a producer or any other third party, the reply to the complaint will be provided after obtaining of an opinion from this entity.
  10. The Seller shall choose the way of solving a rightly placed complaint i.e. repair or replacement of goods.
  11. For installation of all types of mirrors, mirror tiles and lacobel glass, the producers recommend using only a neutral glue for mirrors made by Lakma, or otherwise the warranty may become invalid.
  12. All photos posted on the website are the property of Szkło-Lux Wrocław. Copying of them is forbidden.